2.5 lbs. Whole Chicken Wings

1 Sweet Onion

Olive or Canola Oil

Liquid Butter (Optional)

RDR Cluck Rub
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Recipe: Cluck Rub Wings


Step 1: Start by preheating your oven, Big Green Egg, BBQ Grill, Smoker or
Pizza Oven to 450 degrees +.

Step 2: Prep your wings by removing the tip and discarding. Then separate the
wingette and drumette. Once separated, coat with olive or canola oil and lightly
dust with RDR Cluck Rub and let rest in the fridge for ½ hour.

Step 3: Once ready to cook, remove from fridge, re-dust with Cluck Rub and
toss thoroughly. For every 2 lbs. of wings, cut one sweet onion in half and slice
in 1/8” slices. Light coat the onion with olive oil or liquid butter and Cluck Rub.

Step 4: Bring your oven or cooker up to a temperature between 450 and 500
degrees. Spread the wings on a cast iron griddle or light greased baking pan
skin side up and place into oven or cooker for 13-15 minutes or until the skin is
crispy and brown. Flip the wings over and sprinkle the sliced onion in-between
the wings. Place back into the oven or cooker for around 18 minutes or until the
wings are brown and the onions are cooked clear.

Step 5: Place wings on a serving dish and pour roasted onions and juice over
the top