Red Dirt Rich BBQ is a BBQ Lifestyle brand that was established on our family farm outside of Cairo, Georgia, smack in the middle of the red hills plantation belt of SW Georgia. This area is known for its pristine pine plantations, rich agricultural heritage, country music and of course BBQ. Back in the day Red Dirt Rich was a term that described being land rich and cash poor. Today, in this part of the world being Red Dirt Rich is better than having a pocket full of cash, It means that you have a love for the outdoors and all that this beautiful country lifestyle has to offer. Our goal at Red Dirt Rich BBQ is to share our family recipes, cooking techniques and most of all our Red Dirt Rich Lifestyle and inspiration with the rest of world.

Ingleside Farms, Cairo Georgia the Home of Red Dirt Rich BBQ

On the farm back in the day BBQ was a cheap and easy way to feed the large numbers of workers. There were also special BBQ’s that came along with the harvesting seasons that were really looked forward to. Then as is now it was a prefect reason to get friends and family together to enjoy some great food and fun. The cook, as it was called back then was all fresh meat smoked over Old Southern Open Pits fired by woods like Pecan, Cherry, Oak and Hickory cut right from the land. Man I can smell it now! Well that is how the RDR lifestyle began and those BBQ’s were the foundation for our Rubs and BBQ Sauce. Our products have been tried and tested not only on the Old Open Pits at Ingleside Farms but on Wood Fired Pits on the beach in Islamorada, on Kettle Grills in NC, Big Green Eggs in FL, Tragers in MD, MA and DC, Reverse Stick Burners in GA, Barrel Cookers in MN, Smoking Boxes in RI, Gas Grills in ND and even in the household oven in NYC to just mention a few.

Our Flagship Product and foundation blend is Old Pit Dust Rub fondly referred to as “Red Dirt” by those who have cooked with it over the years. Red Dirt is our original blend and contains only tried and tested, premium ingredients that are guaranteed to elevate your Pork, Chicken, Beef and most anything else you can BBQ to a whole new level.

We hope y’all will become part of the Red Dirt Nation so you too can produce BBQ just like the old days.   

Keep your pits puffin and Only Smoke The Best BBQ.

Till your next cook please stay Red Dirt Inspired;

Bob Bell