Old Pit Rub and Swamp Sauce Bundle



Includes 1 bottle of Old Pit Dust Rub, 1 bottle of Old Pit Cluck Rub, and 1 bottle of MocaGator Swamp Sauce

Old Pit Dust Rub fondly referred to as “Red Dirt” by those who have cooked with it over the years evolved on our family farm in the red hills plantation belt of SW Georgia where good BBQ is a way of life.  Red Dirt is our original blend and contains only tried and tested, premium ingredients that are guaranteed to elevate your Pork, Chicken, Beef and most anything else you can BBQ to a whole new level.

Cluck Rub Is a fantastic spice blend that creates a fresh, dynamic flavor profile. It is great on anything you can BBQ, roast, bake or stew in a pot, just sprinkle it on and cook as usual. One thing for sure is that Cluck Rub will puff your poultry to a whole new level. If it is delightful poultry you are looking for, search no more.

The MocaGator is a mythical creature that lurks in the swamps of the deep south. This enigma’s venom inspired our Swamp Sauce – a delicious blend of Louisiana peppers and Red Dirt Rich seasoning. Like the MocaGator, it has a BITE that will spice up your favorite dishes.